All our teachers are 200- or 500-hour certified with Yoga Alliance, so they know exactly how to progress your practice and keep you safe. Even though they all teach power vinyasa, no two teachers are alike here—Our teachers let their personalities shine through their teaching so you can shine on your mat.

We are constantly improving our skills to become better teachers for our students. Just because you become a teacher does not mean that the learning stops. At The Yoga Factory, we pride ourselves on continuing our education and our own personal practices. We all come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a sense of uniqueness to every class we teach. Join us today!

Stacy Shepherd

Stacy is the owner of The Yoga Factory. Since beginning her yoga journey over 30 years ago, she has completed two 200-hour trainings, led six Teacher Trainings of her own (and counting!), achieved Tier 2 Baptiste Certification status, and logged thousands of teaching hours in various venues, including gyms, corporate campuses, studios, and public events. She is currently in Fit to Lead Training with Baron Baptiste and working on her Tier 3 certification. Come to Stacy's class if you want someone to lead you who is dedicated to you and YOUR greatness!


Max Richie

Max is a jack of all trades: He is our studio co-owner, co-leader of Teacher Training, workshop curator, team trainer, and licensed forklift operator. He can also grow a mean mustache. As a graduate of TYF's Teacher Training in 2014, Max quickly jumped into teaching (he has logged over 1,000 training hours, achieving E-RYT status) and is a Tier 1 Certified Baptiste Instructor. Take Max's class to access your true power! Crow. Headstand. Handstands. All those poses that you don't believe you can do are within your grasp.

Aubrey Klein

Aubrey is our Team Resources Captain. She graduated from Teacher Training in 2015 and has participated in four Baptiste trainings since then (including Level One). Her most-loved work is helping others through off-the-mat transformation. She leads 40 Days, Mentorship, a Mindful Acceptance course, and serves as an assistant in our Teacher Training program. A former corporate worker bee, Aubrey is well-acquainted with stress and the importance of yoga as a lifestyle. Her classes give you space to quiet your thoughts and uncover a lighter body, mind, and spirit!

Keith bautista

Keith graduated from our first Teacher Training program in the fall of 2014, completing Advanced Art of Assisting and Baptiste Level One soon after. With a background in dance, he understands movement and has a natural knack for reading energy—All this experience has helped him foster an Assisting Leadership role at The Yoga Factory. Keith's ultimate goal is to help you remove limits that don't really exist, allowing you to express YOU. Keith's classes will challenge you to take chances, jump out of your comfort zone, and be up to something bigger.

Amanda Fannin

Amanda is passionate about teaching in all its forms! A former fitness instructor and elementary school teacher, she took a leap of faith to bring Kids Yoga to The Yoga Factory. Her goal is to introduce yoga to the next generation so they may live a present, fulfilled life and find stillness in the hustle and bustle of our busy world. Amanda has a 200-hour certification from The Yoga Factory, with Baptiste Kids Yoga and Baptiste Level One training under her belt. For children and adults, she is a powerful leader who encourages presence and helps students create new possibilities.

Sarah Oates

Sarah is one of our longest-tenured teachers at The Yoga Factory! She has been a certified instructor since 2012 and is currently working on her Baptiste Certification, having completed Levels One & Two, Art of Assisting, and more. She first got hooked on yoga through P90X. Take Sarah's class to transform your workouts from an exhausting chore to an exhilarating way of life. Strengthen your body and your resolve. Soften your brow and shift what's possible on and off your mat.


Michele Williams

Michele is a former marathon runner and triathlete with an extensive teacher training history. She holds several Personal Training certifications (including Cooper Aerobics' Personal Training for Active Older Adults) and has attended three intensive trainings with Rod Stryker. She loves to work active adults, athletes, beginners, and those with disabilities. With every class she leads, Michele shares the tools to move more freely, think and feel more freely, and live more joyously!


Susan Meymand

Susan earned her teaching certification in August 2013 and began teaching right away. Even though she teaches power vinyasa with us, she has a wide range of yogic skills: She is a former Montessori teacher, a Level 2 Reiki master, a Yin yoga teacher, and she has worked extensively as a private lessons instructor with people who have physical challenges and disabilities. One of Susan's super powers is knowing every student's name! She wants people to not only feel acknowledged, but to feel part of the studio family.

Jennifer Jenkins

Jennifer received her Teacher Training certification in Fall 2015 and has been attending Baptiste trainings ever since. She is an athlete and daughter of a school teacher, so her teaching style is encouraging and motivational. Jennifer is accustomed to teaching in gym environments and enjoys bringing yoga to those who believe it's not accessible to them—She changes the "I can't" to "I can." In Jennifer's classes, laughter is welcome and possibilities are endless. You can also find her working as Office Manager of Shepherd Chiropractic.

Melissa garrett

With a background in soccer coaching, Melissa understands the importance of practice and a positive attitude! She graduated from our Teacher Training program in 2016 and has experience in training athletes and yogis of all ages and experience levels. Melissa's classes are a free play zone, a non-judgmental environment built for individuals to fully express themselves. Come enjoy a vinyasa flow designed for you to build strength, find balance, and simply unwind.


Anisa Siam

Anisa graduated teacher training in August 2016. An avid rock climber, Anisa loves to connect yoga and climbing; the combination has taught her about body awareness, facing fears, and breath control. Having sustained frequent and recurring injuries, she often takes what she has learned from her own injuries and shares with others. She loves teaching athletes who want to push their limits—Take Anisa's class if you want to push yours! She invites you to work hard while laughing and letting go of your everyday worries.


Lindsay Dukes Campbell

Lindsay is a graduate of our fall 2016 Teacher Training program. She has been a runner for most of her life, having competed in triathlons and Bike MS events. She also loves the water (sailing, swimming, simply being in or around it), but her passion is writing. Her love for writing comes through in her teaching, too: She is all about discovery, expansion, and creating new things. Come to Lindsay's class to explore, refresh, and get to know yourself!

Purnima bhardwaj

Purnima graduated from The Yoga Factory's Teacher Training in October 2015. She has experience teaching yoga for kids and adults, and her assisting is powerful, too: She has participated in Baptiste Yoga's Art of Assisting and has been an active member of our Beginner's Workshop team. Purnima's greatest passion is teaching yoga to beginners and children. She believes that yoga integrates mind, body and soul! Come to her classes to deepen your practice and create space for something new.

Josefhine Olsson-Forsström

Josefhine graduated Teacher Training in Spring 2017 and started teaching adults and kids yoga shortly after. She is a certified Art Teacher and has worked with kids of all ages! She is also one of our amazing assistants with Baptiste's Art of Assisting program on her list of certifications (and soon to be Level One). Josefhine says, "If you take your life seriously, you make yoga funzies!" Take her class and leave the studio having created more space for yourself than you came in with.