The Yoga Factory is built around clarity in our teaching and our way of being. We are a stand for growth and transformation, both on and off our yoga mats. We empower each other to break down barriers and create space for something new, and we do it all while uniting our community and creating lifelong friendships. Simply put: We kick ass!

Studio owner Stacy Shepherd has a true passion for yoga and entrepreneurship. After over 30 years of business development and almost a decade of teaching, she decided it was time to choose between making a comfortable living or pursuing her true calling. She decided to do both.

While attending Baptiste Yoga's Art of Assisting program in 2013, she stood up and committed to the vision of studio ownership. Within five months of that commitment, Stacy opened her very first yoga studio, The Yoga Factory, in far north Dallas.

The Yoga Factory continued to gain members and momentum. Stacy and her growing team of leaders opened a second location at The Shops at Legacy in November 2015. The Yoga Factory Plano created much-needed space to expand: A new community of yogis, more room for workshops, and a greater opportunity for leaders to show up and shine.

In 2017, The Refinery (next door to The Yoga Factory Dallas) opened with the intention of bringing new and different yoga programs to the community. We have already developed a Kids Yoga Program and are constantly creating trainings, classes, and engaging workshops to share with our members.

The Yoga Factory is always evolving. What began as one studio with 10 teacher friends is now a community full of powerful leaders, teachers, assistants, Front Lines teammates, and dedicated members who share the same vision. We are all committed to yoga as a lifestyle: Doing our best, growing our edge, and living up to our fullest potential.