Mindful Acceptance is a one-on-one course is designed to open you up to a greater level of acceptance and abundance in your daily life.

About this course

Through observation and inquiry, you will learn to let go of resistance and obstacles that previously felt insurmountable, seeing clearly and taking action with guidance from your highest self. This course is three weeks long and includes powerful tools to get you through each week: A private Facebook page for posting daily progress, insights, reflections, and communicating daily with your facilitator. You will also receive three 1-hour live coaching/facilitation/healing sessions (one each week). This course is guaranteed to transform your relationship with yourself and your world!


  • Three weeks of 15-45 minutes of daily journal work
  • Daily posts on a private one-on-one Facebook group
  • One 1-hour call with your facilitator each week
  • Bonus 30 day follow-up course upon completion

This daily homework can be done from anywhere at any time!

Cost: $333

If you are interested in participating in this course, please submit your info via our contact form. We will personally reach out to answer any questions you may have!

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