Looking for a fun kid-friendly activity during school breaks? Look no further! We offer Kids Yoga Camps at various dates and times throughout the year.

Our certified teachers create a fun, friendly, and age-appropriate yoga experience for your kids. The Yoga Factory creates activities that will facilitate mindfulness, creativity, and physical exercise.


Spring Break Kids Yoga Camps

March 12-19

The Yoga Factory Kids Camp for ages 4-11 will be a mix of high energy movement, play, and exploration using yoga poses, fun and imagination to learn self awareness, focus and calmness all in a non competitive environment. Kids will learn life long techniques to love themselves, and one another while learning the positive benefits of being still in the midst of a very busy world.


Our certified kids yoga instructor Amanda Fannin has 10 years of experience in education and a passion for teaching yoga to children of all ages. Here's what she has to say about our Kids Camps.

How is kids yoga different from an adult yoga class?
Kids yoga is all about imaginative play, creativity, and fun. We learn about yoga poses, breath, and drishti, all through fun interactive activities.

What does an average day look like?
Each class, the children come in and play games to introduce yoga poses and breath. Afterwards, we take a snack break and end our time together with a kid's version of meditation and savasana: listening to soft music, coloring, blowing bubbles, or painting.

What is your intention for the kids that participate?
My promise for kids that attend the TYF Kids Yoga classes is that they will have fun, learn yoga, gain confidence, and make new friends!

Interested in daily kids yoga classes? Your kids can enjoy their own yoga class while you take an adult class next door! Click here to view our schedule