We host a variety of workshops to help students deepen their knowledge of all aspects of yoga: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This page includes all the workshops you can expect from us this year.

New & Current Events


Teacher Training Mini-Immersions

Nov. 14 @ 8:00pm (TYF Dallas)
Nov. 15 @ 8:00pm (TYF Plano)

Curious about teacher training? Join us for a FREE preview of our Authentic Living = Powerful Life 200-hour Teacher Training program.

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Chakras & Malas

First Sunday of every month

Learn how to wake up, balance, and soothe your energetic centers by creating and utilizing your own Mala beads. This workshop series focuses on one chakra each month.

Includes a mala-making kit with 108 beads, ceramic spacers, thread, tassel, guru bead, and essential oil to infuse spacers. 

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Winter Kids Yoga Camps

December 26-29
January 2-5

These camps are a fun way for kids to work on physical fitness, play, breathe, relieve stress, and just have fun! Your child will learn yoga poses through play and learn self-love, all while gaining the confidence to become a great contributor to our world.

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30 Day Challenge

January 1-30

Commit to 30 days of yoga in the month of January! We will tally your visits at both studios and give away prizes in several categories:

Perfect Attendance: A class every day for 30 days
Feature Teacher Champion: Most $5 classes
Top (up)dog: Most classes for the month
Sweatiest Mat: Most classes in one day



January 26 - April 28

By completing the training, you can register as a 200-Hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. You will also have the skills to successfully and confidently teach yoga, if you choose to become a teacher! Art of Assisting, Anatomy of Asana, and Energetic Anatomy workshops are included.

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Beginner's Workshop

January 11 - February 4

Learn the Journey Into Power sequence from the ground up! Your expert instructor will break down each pose and answer any questions you have in a workshop setting. Each class we will build upon the last, learning a few poses each day.

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Baptiste Institute's art of assisting

March 3-4

This hands-on training is designed to transform your practice, assisting, and teaching. You will learn how to safely and effectively assist yoga poses, but this training goes beyond the mat—You will discover how to truly be of service to others create a deeper connection with those around you.

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Anatomy of Asana

Spring 2018

The lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and practicums in this workshop will help you gain a greater understanding of how the body moves in practice and in everyday life. This valuable workshop is ideal for massage therapists, yoga teachers, body workers, movement therapists, yoga students, and fitness professionals.

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40 Days to Personal Revolution

May 7 - June 15

This 40-day-long workshop is designed to revitalize your personal energy so you come out on the other side feeling fresh, thinking clearly, and being of confidence and power. Baptiste methodology and practices of yoga, meditation, diet, and self-inquiry will provide you direct and clear paths to revolutionizing your life.

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