We host a variety of workshops to help students deepen their knowledge of all aspects of yoga: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This page includes all the workshops you can expect from us this year.


Authentic Living = Powerful Life: 200-Hour Teacher Training

August 16 - October 27

Earn your 200-Hour RYT status! This journey is filled with physical training, reading and discussion, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, partner work, and self-inquiry, all based on the Baptiste Methodology.

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Feel Joy! Ananda Workshop

August 31 • TYF Plano

Join Susan Meymand on this journey of cultivating Ananda: Extreme happiness and joy, and one of the highest states of being. This all-levels workshop is all about FUN: Heart opening flow, a fun playlist, and cleansing with crystal singing bowls.

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Beginner's Workshop

September 3-23 • Both studios

Learn the Journey Into Power sequence from the ground up! Your expert instructor will break down each pose and answer any questions you have in a workshop setting. Each class we will build upon the last, learning a few poses each day.

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40 Days to Personal Revolution

September 9 - October 19 • Both studios

This 40-day-long workshop is designed to revitalize your personal energy so you come out on the other side feeling fresh, thinking clearly, and being of confidence and power. Yoga, meditation, diet, and self-inquiry will provide you direct and clear paths to revolutionizing your life.

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Artful Anatomy for Yogis

September 14 TYF Dallas

Allison Gillies (professor at North Lake College) will lead you through how to visualize anatomy as an artist would, by simply seeing and identifying and drawing boney landmarks and forms of musculature. We will break down the anatomy of yoga poses you most commonly see and practice (risk factors, modifications, and intensifications) while studying anatomy in action.

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Practical Subtle Energy Practice

September 28 • TYF Plano

Join Max Richie for this interactive 3-hour experience. In this workshop, you will acquire tools to more deeply connect to the intangible aspects of your life and your yoga experience. Learn more about the subtle body, perspectives on consciousness, and pranayama exercises that you can use to enhance your yoga or meditation practice.

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Assisting Workshop: Craft of Connection

October 12-13 • TYF Dallas

This hands-on training is designed to transform your practice, assisting, and teaching. You will learn how to safely and effectively assist yoga poses, but this training goes beyond the mat—You will discover how to truly be of service to others create a deeper connection with those around you.

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Self-Care Sound Bath

1st Monday of every month
w/Lauren Margolies

Indulge in an hour of self-care with a deeply relaxing guided meditation and sound healing session. Each class will incorporate breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system, followed by a “bath” of sounds to indulge the senses.

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Yoga + Brunch @ True Food Kitchen

4th Sunday of every month

Join The Yoga Factory and True Food Kitchen for a FREE all levels vinyasa class followed by 15% off brunch after the class. Bring your own mat and preregister on True Foods’ Eventbrite event!

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Power & Freedom: 300-HOUR Advanced TEACHER TRAINING

Summer 2020

This training is designed to take you and your teaching practice to the next level! Focus on teaching and leading with team leadership, yoga management and creation of community.

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