Our yoga classes are suitable for all ages and body types! For those new to the practice, check out our daily FUNdamentals classes, Beginner's Workshop Series, or Private Lessons to get acquainted with our style.

At The Yoga Factory we teach a style of power vinyasa yoga that is accessible, fun, and meant to be shared! We combine the primary pillars of yoga into every class by aligning your mind and body. The goal of yoga is to create awareness on and off the mat. Bring attention to self-imposed limitations and learn to grow your edge.

Yoga is meant to be fun! We infuse laughter and community into everything we do and every class we teach. Vinyasa yoga is a great way to create strength and stability within the body. You don’t have to be flexible! Our style of yoga creates strength and flexibility to preserve and grow joint stability and integrity. You can use vinyasa yoga as a primary source of exercise and fitness or as a great compliment to your other routines.