This training is designed to take you and your teaching practice to the next level of teaching and leading with team leadership, yoga management and creation of community as a focus.


Fridays (6:45pm-10:00pm)
Saturdays (10:00am-6:30pm)
Sundays (1:00pm-6:30pm)

With additional personal work throughout the week


With this training, you will be given the tools to demonstrate and assist more complicated asanas in a clear, non-confusing manner. You will develop your own outline for workshops, develop marketing and time-management skills, learn what team roles are needed for events and trainings, and learn how to develop and manage a team through a successful event in a productive and empowering way. In essence, this training will leave you with what you need to develop yourself as a yogic-entrepreneur and team leader.

This training will include guest-led workshops and trainings in anatomy, mindfulness and coaching. All additional workshops are included. Books and other training materials are not included. 

You are ready now! Contact Stacy at 214-558-8064 for more information.