Revitalize your personal energy and come out on the other side feeling fresh, thinking clearly, and being of confidence and power! Baptiste methodology will provide you direct and clear paths to revolutionizing your life: Finding stillness to grow, removing stuck energy and enhancing your vitality.

May 20 - June 28

$99 for members, $199 for non-members
(Price includes the 40 Days book)

40 Days to Personal Revolution is a breakthrough program designed to inspire and transform your way of being and living. Through yoga, meditation, diet, and self-inquiry, you are given the tools to discover (and empower!) a more vibrant and authentic YOU. This 40-day journey paves the way for mental clarity, lightness of body, and illumination of spirit that comes with whole-life health. If you are looking for real life transformation, this program is for you!

The program works for anybody at any point in their life. If you've taken it before, you'll be amazed at how the program impacts your life differently each time.

Weekly meetings:

Mondays @ 8:30pm-9:30pm (TYF Dallas)

Attend Max’s 6:45pm class and stay after for 40 Days discussion. If you cannot attend the meetings in person, you may join by phone instead.

Program commitments:

1 group meeting per week
5 days per week in-studio yoga practice
1 day per week home yoga practice
Daily meditation
Dietary changes
40 Days to Personal Revolution book (e-version or hard copy)

*Questions about the program? Contact us!